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Aswell as our normal everyday pets we also have some more exotic friends

Axolotls (water dogs)

These come from Mexico.Their name is derived from Xolotl an Aztec god who was captured and killed trying to escape his banishment from earth. Axolotls are part of the staple diet of the mexicans who live around lakes Chalco and Xochimilco and the native people also belive they have medicinal properties (yet to be proved) so much so that they used to sell axolotl syrup for the treatment of respiratory infections including tuberculosis.



Whites Tree Frog

One of the easiest species of frog to look after in captivity. They come from Australia,New Guinea, and Islands in the Torres Straits. They can live to over 20 years old

Snot ( blame my sister for his name)

The Western Hognose Snake

Comes from North America. They are slightly venemous but are rear fanged so in most cases pose no danger to their handlers. Their natural prey is frogs and toads but in captivity they will become accustomed to eating mice and other small rodents. They get their name from their upturned snout which they use for digging out their victims. They are also known as the puff or spreading adder because they spread a hood and hiss at you. They will also roll on their back and play dead as a defence. If righted they will roll straight back over unless they consider the danger has gone. Males grow to about 2 feet in length and females to about 3 feet



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