Bears By Me

                A Brief Description

Needle felting is an art form all on it's own. It's done by taking unspun wool and using a barbed needle to firm and sculpt the wool into a model.

I use mainly merino wool and once my characters are felted I finish them off with beads and little glass eyes. The wool can be shaded using pens if you desire and there is always the option of making your characters poseable by using thread (dental floss) to joint them.

The only limit to what you can do is your imagination

These guys were my first attempt. If I can do it so can you!

Fun - 2 - Felt

For more help and information about needle felting please visit This is a friendly informative group who share a love of felting and welcome all felters from beginners to experienced artists. They are a truely amazing group of people who will support and nurture your talent.



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    Allison Humphries
  • "I've just recieved Spice, my needlefelted ferret through the post. I'm so chuffed, she's gorgeous! It's so lovely to have something so unique, hand-made and personal. I will tre..."
    Pleased as punch!

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