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Red And Hoshi

Are Japanese Shiba Inus. This breed is possibly Japans oldest known breed and dates back around 6000 years. The breed has faced extinction twice in it's long history, once just after WWII when all japanese breeds were decimated and then again in 1959 due to an out break of distemper. Todays Shiba is a result of careful breeding from dogs throughout the various regions of Japan.

Shibas are a hardy breed that originate from the mountainous regions of Japan they are a focused hunting and guarding breed who despite their small stature are a big dog at heart. Willful and difficult to train they are not a breed for everyone. But once met they are never forgotten.

Red and Hoshi



I was devasted to lose both of my beautiful Shibas with in a year of each other. This page is now a tribute to them they were the most special dogs and my heart still breaks for them both. We said good night to Red on 21/12/2008 and Hoshi followed him to where ever it is that good dogs go on 20/01/2009. Life isn't the same with out a Shiba.


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